More About Townsville Pentecostal Church

What To Expect

We preach Jesus and Him crucified as in 1st Corinthians 1:2.  You won’t find high and mighty speeches or linguistically correct oracles in our church, only the truth spoken in simple terms.  Indeed, whilst preaching Jesus, we find that our God is love, the very essence of His character is Love, as in 2nd Corinthians 3:12.  Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech: and so in a world of grief and sadness, there is hope and it’s found in God’s Love, and in His Church, the Body of Christ on earth.

The Townsville Pentecostal Church has many adult Spirit-filled believers with lots of children who are Spirit filled also, so we know that Jesus is about the house and you will find our Church A GOD FRIENDLY Church.  We truly seek the Lord’s Glory in our times of worship and praise.  The Building is called the Pentecostal Sanctuary and, indeed, as our logo depicts: a place where the weary can rest.

We pray that in these last days that our vision will never fail as so many before us have, but with a strong ministry team and faithful and fully committed members of the Church, we have great hope and we might add, not a hope-so-hope, but true God given Hope, this type of hope is sure and faithful, never failing leading to a joyful future in Christ.

The Townsville Pentecostal Church Inc, as our mission statement declares, is a house where you can find peace, deliverance and God’s Love in a real and very practical way.  What you will not find is tradition and concepts of men, legalistic, pastor-dominated rule, but true God-guided ministry, which includes edification, exaltation and correction.  That is true, bible-based doctrine from elders committed to the Word of God.



The Townsville Pentecostal Church was founded in 1998 with only 7 people, determined to stay with Jesus.  From that day till now and with hindsight, the Lord has had full control in all the matters of the church from the beginning.  Jesus lead our little church through a wilderness, established vibrant ministry, built a strong foundation in truth, loyalty and love with the very lovely people who have remained and given their lives to the Lord.

The Townsville Pentecostal Church (formally the Twin Cities Pentecostal Church) was named due to the twin cities that border each other, Townsville and Thuringowa.  With both areas growing in population, Townsville has about 150,000 residents and growing at about 4,000 per year and, of course, lots of building infrastructure our geographical area here in North Queensland lends itself to sun and healthy living with the big city amenities but without the problems of the major cities.  Our aim is to be a church that can minister to all in our region, a community-based group of caring people reaching out to the lost and hungering souls of the Twin Cities.


What’s Next

Please take time to read our Articles of Faith and we recommend you refer to your Bible and check out the many scriptures that are mentioned.  Some things you will read may be different to what you may have been taught from other religious groups in the past.  However, what we can guarantee are the facts you will see in the our Articles of Faith are straight from the BIBLE, and with no added interpretations from men.

Come and join us.  Hear happy singing, Bible-based addresses, people with real, powerful living testimonies, with Jesus the one and only great God in their lives, healing and victory.  Indeed, people delivered from alcohol, drugs, marriage failures and so on, now happy confident saints of God.  Families wrecked and marriages torn to bits are now restored, right here in the church, here in Townsville.  Come hear the testimonies.  Feel the power and enjoy the truth of God preached faithfully.