Mission Statement

Our Community

To help rescue those in need, to provide for the poor as much as is within us, to establish lives, marriages and families in faith and to disciple those who would allow.

Our Church

To love unconditionally, to forgive quickly, to overlook and forbear any differences and to have no racial barriers.

Our Goals

  • To show the love of God in the power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost in our community.
  • To stand firmly on the Word of God without compromise.
  • To be real in every way, to be truthful, to be honest and reliable in all our dealings.


Vision Statement

To grow our church in our community, becoming a real influence in Townsville and surrounding areas.  We believe God has called us to reach the unchurched of our city by providing caring structures for families, diversity in worship, small caring groups and knowledge of spiritual gifts.


Value Statements

  1. We believe that the process of becoming a disciple of Jesus involves: repentance, baptism in water, the infilling of the Holy Ghost, prayer, ongoing learning about the Christian values, regular worship and participation in activities that utilise one’s spiritual gifts for the ministry.
  2. We value the Bible as the inspired Word of God from which Christians learn about God’s truths.
  3. We believe in the importance of stewardship of time, talents, treasures and the earth’s resources as a sign of a mature Christian faith.
  4. We believe that evangelism is the role of every Christian.