Men’s Ministry – Men’s Shed


The Men’s Shed Fellowship Group has been organised as an outreach and in-reach support and friendship group by the Townsville Pentecostal Church Inc.


The Men of Service, The Men of Honesty

The Men of Example, The Men of Dedication




The concept is simple:

  • To get men together to fix, to improve, to restore.
  • To learn and to work together in a positive way for each other in our community.

What are men of service, honesty, example and dedication?  Perhaps it’s better to ask what we’re not?

We are NOT liars.  We are NOT users.  We are NOT lazy.  We are NOT abusers.  We are NOT cowards.  We are NOT cruel or unkind.

Real Christian men don’t run from the truth nor hide from responsibility but rather we will support each other to see the very best in us to come to the forefront.

Come fellowship with us!


If you want to know more, please contact us or check our Calendar page for our upcoming events.