Code of Ethics

Legal & the Law

Pastor and church staff will at all times obey the law applicable in every circumstance.

Moral Law

The pastor and staff must be aware that legal does not necessarily mean ethical.  Many unethical business dealings are legal.  Minister will use moral laws based on “doing the right thing” by all people with whom they do business and with whom they work.  Pastor is expected to use their character and good judgment to know what is morally right.


Church staff and members will treat all staff with respect and will expect the same from staff members toward each other.  A happy work environment is the starting point for creating happy parishioners.  Members will not tolerate rudeness and sloppy ministry or service by any staff members.  The leader will set a good example and will at all times be committed to building and maintaining a happy team environment.

Staff Interaction

Church staff and members will act promptly and fairly in the event of difficulties with staff according to the Word of God. Unethical or dishonest behaviour by any staff member must lead to immediate disciplinary action.


Church staff and members will ensure that the presentation of their offices, staff dress with an overall clean and neat appearance, which meets the standard befitting people of God.

Parishioners Considerations

Church staff and members must, at all times, give priority to the interests and happiness of their people God according to the Word of God as given into your care.  In the event that the member is incapable of keeping a person happy, pastor or department head should be notified ASAP.


Members are required to study leadership and management by completing the required courses as APPROVED.  In addition, the pastor and church members should keep themselves up-to-date on all changes to the law and improvements to the System.  Department heads should ensure that all their staff are highly trained.


The pastor and church members must keep confidential the personal information provided by a client either written or verbal.  To ensure the proper storage of such documents at all times.


The pastor and church members should not remain silent about, nor accept or tolerate, unethical behaviour in our church under no circumstance.

Civil Duty

The pastor and church members have a civic duty to their local area and should always be ready to help with a community emergency.  Members are expected to be fine examples of good corporate citizens.